Get to know the dynamic   duo behind slowbound 


Samantha Hardcastle
Founder of Amore Social (est 2011)
and The Storied Experience (est 2019)

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Samantha’s connection to the slow movement started when she returned home to the Garden State after many years of city living. Working intimately with leaders in the farm to table movement, she began to change her consumption habits. What started as a slow food obsession slowly evolved into more than just the way she cooked & dined out. She was beginning to let go of her frazzled way of moving through the world.


She started gravitating towards destinations and cultures that held certain values. No longer content at the massive all-inclusive resorts she grew up going to, she sought out character-filled boutique properties and warm, intimate agriturismos. She became enchanted with experiences that immersed her deeper into the culture and way of life that she desired for herself.


Since 2018, Samantha has dedicated herself to exploring the world of experience design through a slow living lens, investigating what makes an experience enriching and meaningful for people seeking a better way of life. She brings twelve years of creative storytelling & strategic marketing expertise to slowbound members looking to reimagine and reinvigorate their offerings and position in the marketplace.

During her second trip to Piedmont (the birthplace of the slow food movement) in 2021, she became acquainted with a group of winemakers and with her husband, formed a new wine importing venture: Slow Wine. In the near future she plans to lead her own retreats to the destination that immerse travelers into the slow way of life in this part of Italy. 

Samantha's passions include cooking, mixology, herbalism, antiquing, textile arts, aquatic activities, the mountains, agritourism, and astrology. 

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Lourdes Martin
Founder of travel blog Please, Do Tell (est. 2014)
and slow-travel e-commerce shop Recuerdos (est. 2019)

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Lourdes has dedicated most of her life to pursuing a career in travel. Whether that is through a successful travel blog she launched in 2014 or pursuing a degree in Global Affairs that led to life-changing travel journeys that focused on the reconciliation of culture in the aftermath of conflict in the Former Yugoslavia and beyond.  Slow travel has always been the foundation of her curiosity for learning about people, places, and food. 


In the last ten years, she’s worked with lifestyle and travel brands in different capacities. From storyteller to content writer and content creator, Lourdes has a strong pulse on the desires of the slow traveler. She's also a person of influence to a large community of followers on Instagram who rely on her expertise and admire the manner and pace in which she explores the world. 


Lourdes’s most recent venture is launching an e-commerce shop, Recuerdos. A souvenir shop with a mission to bring the culture of travel to your daily lives. Inspired by her childhood memories of when traveling and learning about faraway destinations meant escaping through stories. Recuerdos was born from the idea that you immerse yourself in the culture of travel in your daily lives.


Her goal is to scout and search every corner of this world to partner with brands that lead with culture and immerse you in the stories of people and places from your favorite destinations and those you aspire to learn about.  She’s excited to bring her expertise in thoughtful storytelling, marketing, and retail experience to the slowbound members.

Lourdes' passions include fitness classes, cooking, meditation, the mountains, gardening, lake life, and wellness rituals.