Traditions of Sicily


The multi-cultural legacy of Sicily’s history has clearly coloured the diversity of its craftsmanship. You will be impressed by traditional pottery and basketry techniques, refined Baroque engravings, folk music and dance, the magic of Teatro dei Pupi,  and, of course, amazing artisanal food.

Participate in a workshop with a Master Potter, a Basketmaker or a Stonecutter and feel as if you were taking a step back in time while you experience motions and gestures perpetuated through centuries. ​

Take part in a hands-on cooking class, making bread with the people that cultivate the wheat and grind it into flour, or have a walk through an olive grove after tasting the fine Extra Virgin Oil produced from those fruits.

Feel connected with the land and the people that preserve it with so much love and dedication.


Day 1: Arrival in Sicily | Meeting in Syracuse

You will meet your driver at Catania Airport and be transferred to Syracuse (a 45-minute drive). On your arrival you can have a first exploration walk of Ortygia, the old town of Syracuse set on an island. After the welcome meeting, you will have a dinner and spend the night on Ortygia island.

Day 2: Ortygia Guided Walk | Teatro dei Pupi Show

After breakfast you will have a walking tour of Ortygia accompanied by your guide. The visit will conclude at the traditional fish market where you will have an informal lunch at one of the market stalls. In the afternoon you will attend the traditional puppets show at Teatro dei Pupi after which you will visit the workshop of Master Puparo, where the puppets are made. You will have a free evening and decide where to have dinner, as Syracuse has plenty of good restaurants.

Day 3: Olive oil Tasting | Palazzolo Acreide | Stonecutter Workshop

A 30-minute transfer will lead you through the countryside of Syracuse to Canicattini Bagni, where you will be welcomed by Dario, with whom you will visit the olive groves and have a professional olive oil tasting. You will enjoy a light lunch under the porch, shared with his family. After, you will go to the nearby Baroque village of Palazzolo Acreide where you will check-in at your hotel. In the afternoon you will meet a Maestro Scalpellino, the Master Stonecutter whose mastery is inherited from the artists that carved Baroque motifs on the local white limestone, so distinctive of the Palazzi of this area.

Day 4: Buscemi Paese Museo | Basketry Workshop

In the morning you will visit Buscemi, an antique mountain village where you will follow an ethnographic itinerary, led by the director of the museum who promoted it 30 years ago. The first eco-museum in Sicily where you will discover the traditional crafts in its original locations: the smith’s shop, the carpenter’s shop, the traditional weaving materials, the antique wine making room. An incredible cross section of Sicilian traditional arts & crafts. After lunch you will meet a local craftsman with whom you will learn traditional basketry techniques. Free evening at Palazzolo.

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