This community is for those who are leading (or looking to lead) enriching experiences that have positive ripple effects in peoples' lives.

During the pandemic, millions of people woke up to the fact that their chaotic, fast-paced lifestyle wasn't serving them. Many of us became aware of just how bad our burnout really was. Millions more left jobs that prioritized urgency & unrelenting demand over quality of life & creativity.

The world needs more experiences that cater to peoples' wellbeing and their desire for a slower, more fulfilling journey.
We can help you as you navigate your own journey through growing your slow tourism experience.


Ready to become a part of the slowbound society?

Applying is easy - first, does your experience check all the boxes? Or are you trying to integrate these pillars deeper into your experience?  If you've created an experience, journey, property, or destination that focuses on the following, you're a great fit for slowbound. Submit your details below and we'll be in touch! 

Immersion into Culture

vs. Overtourism

Experiences that go deep into the local heritage instead of surface-level skimming.

Natural Havens, Hustle & Bustle Respite

Peaceful places where people can join in harmony with mother nature, free of chaos.

Emotional Wellbeing: Savoring, Flow, Play

Every detail is intentional, with the goal of reconnecting people back to their joy.

Expansive Enrichment, Slow & Steady Growth

Moments thoughtfully designed to help people flourish, not just fleeting pleasure.

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